The Hunter Valley Brumby Association

The Hunter Valley Brumby Association

The Hunter Valley Brumby Association (HVBA) formed in 2009 and is a registered not for profit charity dedicated to the promotion and protection of Australia’s wild horses.  We take Brumbies captured via a number of different Government programs including Brumbies from the Oxley Wild Rivers National park, the Singleton Army base and the Koscisuko National park. There are also several local populations, in the Barrington Tops National Park and Nerong State Forest, that we are stake holders for should management plans be put in place. 

We are currently limited by the size of our Brumby Sanctuary, which is run on only 21 acres however there is the intention to relocate to approximately 100 acres in the very near future to greatly increase our capacity. However, in spite of this small space, since our first rescue in 2010 the HVBA has taken in 44 Brumbies and had 6 foals born from wild parents; 30 Brumbies from the Kosciucko National Park, 12 Brumbies from the Oxley Wild Rivers National Park; and 8 from the Singleton Army Base. These Brumbies are then re-homed as riding horses to the community. 

In addition to training Brumbies the HVBA promotes Brumbies as a breed of choice and was instrumental in the development of Brumby show classes in our region, which has improved people’s awareness of the breed, and particularly their suitability as riding horses. We also run a lot of education programs with students from primary school to university on how to train wild Brumbies, where the Brumbies came from and how they are managed. 

The HVBA works hand in hand with other charities and interest groups throughout Australia to protect the Brumby populations by ensuring that Wild Horse Management Plans of the National Parks and Wildlife Service and State Forests, for the removal of Brumbies are scientifically based, respect the cultural significance of the Brumby and most importantly will be conducted humanely at all times.

The Hunter Valley Brumby Association receives no government or corporate funding, meaning ever dollar that goes into caring for these Brumbies comes from the generous donations of our wonderful Members and the public. The HVBA also fundraises at local events and shows several times a year. Through this shop we are able to reach more people and offer the same items for sale at our fundraising stands to people that might not be able to make it to events but would still like to support the Brumbies. Any donation or purchase, big or small, is greatly appreciated with all proceeds going to the care of our Brumbies. Thanks for your support!