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    Tiny Tigerlilly was found wandering alone on the Singleton Army Base on the 12th November. She was found by the gentleman of Tiger Company, hence her name. We estimate she was only 2 days old when she was found, very hungry and baring the wounds of a tiny foal that has had a lucky escape - possibly from one of the many wild dogs roaming the Base. Tigerlilly was given some formula and then whisked straight away to our vets at Dungog to receive some much needed fluids and tests and then she was given the all clear to come home. Tigerlilly is taking to her milk and she needs to be on formula for the next few months and we need your help to cover these ongoing costs. We have set up five convenient donation amounts for you to choose from and remember any donation over $2 is tax deductible. Thankyou for helping us care for another little orphan, we simply couldn't do it without you!