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    Little Lexi Bowie (named for David Bowie's daughter because she has Heterochromia iridum - different coloured eyes! like the man himself ) was found abandoned at the Singleton Army Base on the 3rd April ,she couldn't have been more than an hour or so old as she was still wet and covered in afterbirth. Her mum was nowhere in sight so they called us and she was picked up straight away by the HVBA and taken directly to the Newcastle Equine Centre where she was given a full health check. It was found she had not had any colostrum (which is very concerning) she was also a little dehydrated but apart from that she was in excellent health (which only adds to the mystery of why she was abandoned). She was given plasma and stayed overnight to be monitored before returning to the HVBA Sanctuary to be bucket raised. She is just the sweetest little girl, and since finding her legs all she wants to do is play. At first she was suckling at everything from the rubber mats around the stable at the Equine Centre, to towels, t,shirts and anything else she could get her fuzzy muzzle into, but it didn't take long for her to work out the bucket and now she is drinking like a pro. Her vet bills so far total $1505 and counting (she had another check up today that hasn't yet been billed). Because she didn't get any colostrum she will need to be monitored very closely to make sure she doesn't get an infection as her weakened immune system would struggle to protect her so its round the clock care for now. Lexi will also need to be on milk for the next few months and we need your help to cover these ongoing costs. We have set up five convenient donation amounts for you to choose from and remember any donation over $2 is tax deductible. Thankyou for helping us care for another little orphan, we simply couldn't do it without you!