The Hunter Valley Brumby Association

Tigerlilly and Brad Turn One!

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Tigerlilly and Brad have just celebrated their first birthday! 

They were both found as orphans on the Singleton Army Range, just one month before the aerial cull of all of the Brumbies and they were hand raised by the Hunter Valley Brumby Association. 

With the devastating drought hitting our area hard, these growing youngsters are going through a lot of hay, so why not give these two a special birthday present this year with a tax deductible donation to help celebrate this milestone. 

Christmas is just around the corner, so if you would like to make a donation on behalf of a loved one, just add their name in the "instructions" and we will send you an email with a printable certificate for your special gift this Christmas. 

Thankyou for your support of Tigerlilly, Brad and all of the Brumbies here at the HVBA.